Animals siezed from El Paso County Woman

Posted By elaine on January 18, 2010

71-year old Norma Scott

71-year old Norma Scott

An elderly woman in El Paso County is facing some serious charges after allegedly threatening officers who tried to take her dogs.

  It started on January 15 when the Sheriff’s Office received a complaint about a dog that had severe injuries and had been taken to a rescue for assistance.  The dog later died from its injuries.   The sheriff’s office was also told that the individual who brought the animal in had several other animals on their propertyand asked that  the Sheriff’s Office check on the remaining animals’ welfare. 

   Deputies went to the home of 71 year old Norma Scott in Eastern El Paso County, while there the deputy reported that there were about 30 dogs running loose on the property.  A deputy then asked Scott to see all animals, including any inside the home, and explained the nature of the complaint.  Scott allowed the deputy inside the home, but then allegedly picked up a rifle and threatened to shoot the deputy if he removed any of the dogs.  The deputy immediately backed out of the residence, took cover and called for additional units. 

    While waiting for back up, the deputy saw two other women attempting to remove animals and place them in a truck.  They left the property out a back fence.  This information was passed on to deputies who were responding to the call.  The truck was subsequently stopped by deputies.  The occupants, Mary Scott and Rosalie Scott, who allegedly removed the animals and attempted to flee, were cited for “Obstructing a Peace Officer.”

     Meanwhile the additional units arrived and Norma Scott was taken into custody.  Norma Scott is now facing charges of “First Degree Assault on a Peace Officer” and “Obstructing a Peace Officer”.  She was taken to the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center where she has since posted a $25,000 bond.

    The Humane Society responded and took 11 dogs from the property.  They say the animals removed were in “less then adequate condition”.  We will keep you updated on this case and hopefully have pictures and a status on the dogs that were taken from the property.


This isn’t the first time Norma Scott has faced animal cruelty charges.  Way back in 1988 she was cited for a misdemeanor “Cruelty to Animals” charge, but the case was later dismissed.

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