Help find missing dog in Colorado Springs

Posted By elaine on January 18, 2010


Ok Dog Bloggers, we are missing one of our pups and we need to keep an eye out for him. 


Have you seen this dog?

“NaWoll” darted out of his garage earlier this month and has yet to make his way home.

missing 2

"NaWoll" with family member that misses him very much.

 He was last seen in the Union Ave./Academy Blvd. area behind the  Union Heights Apartments near Grant Elementary.   Some kids in the neighborhood say they say “NaWoll” being walked in the area so there is a good chance someone may have taken him in. “He is a very good boy and would be friendly to anyone”, said Darlene Connor, NaWoll’s Owner. “ Our other dog Diamond is depressed and cries for him.”

“NaWoll” is a stocky Pitbull type dog that is short and squatty with a blue/grey color and wieghs around 50 pounds, with short cropped ears.  He was wearing a collar when he got away.    Here are some pictures.  If you see “NaWoll” call Darlene at (719)375-4644 or send a note to the Dog Blog!

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