Search and rescue dog team saves lives in Haiti

Posted By elaine on January 19, 2010


Bill Monahan and Hunter share a moment in Haiti. AP Photo

One of the search and rescue teams highlighted in a Dog Blog post last week has located three girls trapped alive in the rubble of Haiti’s devastating earthquake. According to an AP Report,  Bill Monahan and his Border Collie, “Hunter”, were searching a neighborhood near the Presidential Palace, concentrating on a large bowl-shaped area of rubble which was all that remained of a 4-story building. 

haiti rescue dog 3

Bill Monahan and Hunter are with the L.A. County Fire Dept.

“Hunter” pin-pointed the survivors’ scent under 4 feet of broken concrete and did a “bark alert” to let Monahan know where the victims were.  Monahan then spoke with the survivors and handed them bottles of water tied to the end of a stick. As they reached for the water one of the girls said, “Thank you.” Highly trained rescue crews from California Task Force 2 pulled the girls from the wreckage and provided first aid. 

Monahan and Hunter are with the L.A. County Fire Department and they were trained by the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation , a non-profit that recruits rescued dogs, partners them with firefighters, and trains them to find survivors buried in the aftermath of disasters. The teams and their ongoing training are provided at no cost to Fire Departments throughout the country.  A

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