Updates from the search and rescue teams in Haiti

Posted By elaine on January 20, 2010

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Yesterday I posted some pretty cool news about the canine search and rescue crews in Haiti. 

The searches have not all had happy endings however, with the days come fewer survivors and more dissapointments.  “Hunter has searched hard today, last building lots of dead,” Monahan texted yesterday.  “Stepping over bodies, crawling as far as forty feet under floors, 18 inches apart. He kept searching, can’t stop that dog. He is amazing.” 

  Monahan and Hunter were also featured in a story on CNN with Anderson Cooper.  Rescuers searched a school that collapsed looking for children in the rubble.  In the heartbreaking story parents were begging the dogs to keep looking even though there was no sign of life.

   UPDATE FROM HANDLERS IN HAITI: After a 6.1 magnitude quake this morning, all members (human & K9) of LA County Search Team are safe!

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