Huskies siezed in abuse case are available for adoption

Posted By elaine on January 20, 2010

Rudy, Two Sox, and Snowbud are up for adoption!

Rudy, Two Sox, and Snowbud are up for adoption!

     Some of the huskies that were confiscated from a sled dog kennel in Park County last month will soon be available for adoption.

Three of the four Huskies brought to Colorado Springs will be made available for adoption this Saturday at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.

     These dogs are seeking special homes with people who are willing to devote time and patience to help them adjust to life in a home environment. 

The fourth Husky will spend time in a foster care program and become available for adoption when he is ready.

      Teller County Rescue in Divide says that their Huskies are also getting close to the point where they will be available and Fremont County Humane Society in Canon City has already placed some of the dogs in appropriate homes.

   These dogs will not fit in just any home.  Not only will they need special food and vet care to get over the physical problems, they will also need special training.

     The husky mixes were never socialized and so the will need to overcome some behavioral issues.  Also remember that these dogs were bred to run for miles, so once they are in shape, they will need plenty of physical activity and a well fenced yard, but if you are and experienced dog owner that has the appropriate lifestyle these dogs will make great pets! 

walkers mug

Sam and Diane Walker are scheduled to be charged next week in Fairplay.

The couple accused of starving the dogs, Sam and Diane Walker, are scheduled be formally charged on Jan. 26 in Fairplay.

     The Walkers turned themselves in to Park County authorities on Christmas Day, more than a week after about 100 Husky-mix sled dogs were seized after Park County Sheriff’s Deputies were given a tip that the dogs were starving.   Six of the dogs were already dead, and another died after the raid.

     The Walkers now face felony animal cruelty charges, but they are currently free on bond.

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