Spring bouquets can be deadly to pets

Posted By elaine on February 10, 2010

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Daffodils look great, but they are poisonous to your pet

Valentines Day is coming up soon and right behind that is Easter, and that means it is time for beautiful spring bouquets, but before you set them out you should know some of our favorite spring time flowers are poisonous to pets.
     Different flowers in the lily family are extremely poisonous to pets. Cats are more common lily poisoning victims than dogs, but they are toxic to both species. They are also extremely popular bouquet items. Lilies, Tiger Lilies, Easter Lilies, Tulips, and Calla Lilies are just some of the toxic plants found in the lily plant family.
     Other bouquet favorites are also likely to make your dogs and cats sick if eaten. Keep flower arrangements that include these plants where your pets can’t get at them:
• Baby’s Breath
• Bird of Paradise
• Carnations
• Daffodils
• Dahlias
• Daisies
• Irises
• Peonies
    You can still keep your favorite flowers inside where you can appreciate their beauty, but lock them away when you’re not at home and keep a close watch when your pets are near the bouquet. By being aware of the danger and taking proper precautions, you can keep your favorite flowers and pets safe.
    The complete list of poisonous plants from the ASPCA contains over 400 items. It’s helpful to keep a short list of the most common dangerous plants tacked to your fridge as a constant reminder. Visit the longer list periodically to refresh your memory, and a good rule of paw is to keep your pets away from any plants you don’t recognize or are unsure of.

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