A new bill could have convicted animal abusers online like sex offenders

Posted By elaine on February 23, 2010

California CapitolSoon convicted animal abusers could be listed on an online registry just like sex offenders if a California Law Maker has his way.

The bill introduced Friday by the State Senate’s majority leader, Dean Florez, would be the first of its kind in the country and is just the latest law geared toward animal rights in a state that has a broad animal contingent, with its large farming interests and millions of pet owners.

Under California State Senate Bill 1277, any person convicted of a felony involving animal cruelty would have to register with law enforcement and provide a range of personal information and a current photograph. That information would be posted online, along with information on the person’s offense.

In addition to sex offenders, California lists arsonists in an online registry, and the animal abusers would be listed on a similar site.  Such registries have raised privacy concerns from some civil libertarians.  Another hurtle for the bill will be the cost.  The bill would cost an estimated million dollars to get the registry going and with the current budget situation in that state, this could be a hard sell.

  There are several other  volunteer registrations that are online, the best known is probably www.inhumane.org , but this data base includes alleged cases and cases that have been dropped, so the fairness of this could be questionable.

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