Giant George is officially the world’s tallest dog

Posted By elaine on February 23, 2010

AP Photo

AP Photo

A 250-pound blue Great Dane from Arizona gives new meaning to the term “big dog.”

Guinness World Records says Giant George from Tucson is the tallest dog ever on record.

Guinness said Monday that he stands 3 feet, 7 inches tall from paw to shoulder, which is three-quarters of an inch taller than his closest rival — Titan, a white Great Dane from San Diego.

The 4-year old took the title of world’s tallest dog in 2009 after Gibson, another Great Dane died, but it was confirm it. 

Guinness officials say there were conflicting reports about Giant George’s height, so they sent a judge to verify it.

Now George is taking his new title seriously.  The dog has his very own website, Twitter and Facebook pages.  Of course a famous dog is going to have a photo shoot.

Check out George’s latest video!

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