State trying to shut down kennel after finding frozen puppies

Posted By elaine on March 1, 2010


Courtesy: KUSA-TV State looks at shutting down Blue Wolf Ranch Kennel is Larimer County.

On Tuesday in Larimer County  state animal inspectors will be in court to ask a district judge to label the manager of Blue Wolf Ranch, Storm Cloudin, an “unfit owner”, that label could lead to the revocation of Cloudin’s state license.

The move comes after inspectors found several dead, frozen Bernese Mountain Dog puppies at the facility on February 10th.


Courtesy: KUSA-TV Kennel owner Storm Cloudin says the state is on a "witch hunt."

In December, the Larimer Humane Society began investigating the kennel in Loveland, removing several puppies citing improper care, but later returned them.   State inspectors started closely monitoring the facility around the same time.

Since that time Cloudin’s kennel has failed five inspections, according to the state’s chief inspector, Kate Anderson.

“Recently, we’ve found that things have not been going well and corrected as necessary,” Anderson said.  “We are really upset about what we found there.   This is not something that should happen on these types of facilities.”

But Cloudin disputes that claim.    ”How can they say it has deteriorated?” she asked. “I’ve bought brand-new kennels, I have a new building, and I have an office that I fixed up for them.”  As for the dead pups Cloudin said she did not know the mother dog was going to have puppies and she believes the state actions are a “witch hunt.”

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