Cloudin signs over mom and pups, but still in trouble

Posted By elaine on March 2, 2010

A Larimer County dog breeder has agreed to give up three dogs to the state after a court hearing this morning. The move comes after inspectors found eight dead Bernese Mountain Dog puppies at her facility on February 10th.

Courtesy KUSA-TV: Cloudin now faces a restraining order from the state

Photo Courtesy KUSA-TV; Cloudin faces a possible restraining order.

The state asked the judge to label Blue Wolf Ranch owner Storm Cloudin, an “unfit owner”, that label could lead to the revocation of Cloudin’s state license.  Cloudin did sign over the mother and two puppies that did survive, but Christi Lightcap with the Department of Agriculture says that the state will still seek a temporary restraining order because Cloudin has ignored a “cease and desist” order to limit her breeding operation and to have only 15 dogs.

The order was issued after a February inspection of Blue Wolf Ranch, when state inspectors found the unsheltered mother dog with eight dead puppies that had suffered from exposure.

Cloudin said she didn’t intentionally neglect the mother and her pups, and she says that she has done what they state has asked and that they are now just on a “witch hunt”.


Currently the mother and her puppies are living in a foster home and they are doing well.

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