Hi!  Welcome to my site Colorado Dog Blog.com.   My name is Elaine Sheridan and I am the Assignment Manager at News 5.     I decided to do this blog because so many viewers call us asking about dog stuff like putting their lost pet on the air or telling people about upcoming dog events.  Often times I am not able to help dog owners on our main newscast or website,  so as a dog lover myself,  I created this place just for our dogs.

It is no wonder we get so much response from pet lovers here at News 5.

In Colorado we love our dogs and to prove it two national magazines named Colorado Springs as the best place in the nation for dogs.  The Springs was named “Dog Town USA” in 2008 by Dog Fancy Magazine, and in 2007,  Men’s Health Magazine named Colorado Springs as the number one place to own a dog in the country. Several other Colorado cities made it into the top 10.

It really isn’t a surprise, Colorado is a great place for a dog. Mountains, creeks, snow. What’s not to love?  That’s why I started Colorado Dog Blog. It’s everything a dog and owner could want. I hope to keep you updated on the latest medical news, events, and stories about the amazing dogs that live in our community.

Grover enjoying the good life near.

Grover enjoying the good life.

I have had dogs my whole life and I have had everything from little mutts to champion show dogs and I have loved them all.    Now I am involved in showing Bernese Mountain Dogs and my beloved mutt Grover!

I grew up on a horse farm and was involved with the raising and showing of horses from the time I was 6-years old.  After college I wanted to get involved  in competitions again, but I didn’t have the time and money to continue showing horses, so I got a show dog.   More than 12 years later my love for  dog showing  has grown and I can’t imagine not being part of it.

I also work with kids and their dogs in 4-H as a leader and coach for rally.  I love doing this because it helps both the kids and the dogs.  The kids develop a bond with the dogs and the dogs become well behaved family dogs.  The best thing was when a mom told me they were thinking about taking their dog to the shelter because of his bad behavior, but after they worked in the 4-H program, they no longer had any issues and the dog was now a source of joy for the entire family.

Even though showing is “my thing”, I have interests in everything dog, and I hope to share all kinds of dog related activities on this site.   So whether you have rescued your wonderful mix-breed,  you have a champion show dog, or you have a dog that you work with everyday like a police dog or a service animal, I hope this site has some interesting and helpful stuff for you.   I also will  introduce you to many Colorado dogs, dog people, and dog activities that you might not even know exist.

Most importantly, if you lose your dog I hope that we can help you find him through out lost dog section or you can get some closure by sharing photos and stories about your four legged friend on our Over the Rainbow Bridge page.

"Snoopy"  and I at a dog show.  Photo by Kohler Photography.
“Snoopy” and I at a dog show. Photo by Kohler Photography.

Thank you for checking us out and as always if you have a great dog story, event, or tip that other dog owners would like to see… please go to the contact me page and let me know!


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4 Responses to “About”

  1. Andy Koen says:

    I love your site Elaine, and so does our family’s yellow lab Sophie!
    Keep up the good work.

  2. elaine says:

    Thank you! Send me some photos of Sophie!

  3. Kathy Andersen says:

    Loved the story about my granddog, Murphy. He has turned into the sweetest guy. This website is a great idea!

  4. Mike says:

    Thanks for doing this. Dogs (animals) need more spokespeople. They communicate but one has to listen. Thats the blessing, to remind people to try another way. My animals anchor me in a good way. There is no end to what they can teach me.

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