Dock Dogs at Pueblo’s 1st Annual Pet Expo

elaine | April 7, 2011

If you’re Looking for something new to do with with your dog this weekend; check out the Pueblo Convention Center’s 1st Annual Pet Expo  where you can watch the Dock Dogs and even participate with your dog!
Rocky Mountain Dock Dogs  will be having a “Big Air” competition, where dogs run down a dock and dive [...]

HOWL’ oween event sure to be a ghoulish good time!

elaine | September 29, 2010

Safe Place for Pets will hold their 3rd annual “HOWL’oween” event on October 16th
The event will be at University Village Center from 10 until 2.    Come enjoy the many Tricks & Treats activities with your dog, and enter to win great prizes in the Canine Costume Parade, including a Best in Show gift basket worth [...]

All aboard! This includes you Fido!

elaine | May 10, 2010

It is just about that time of year when we all want to get outta town.  For those of us that don’t like to leave the pets behind, that can add a bit of a challenge to planning a trip.  In many cases you want to go on a tour, but they don’t allow dogs.  [...]

Colorado dog works hard to keep the bed bugs at bay

elaine | April 6, 2010

    A little 30-pound rescued shelter dog named Macaroni is helping Coloradoans sleep tight!  How?  Well, you see, Macaroni has a very special talent.  He can find tiny little bedbugs lurking in places you can’t see. 
     The little blood sucking bugs have been making a huge comeback in recent years “Bedbugs are just going ballistic [...]

Local park “goes orange” for animals

elaine | April 1, 2010

Landmarks around the country including one right here in Colorado Springs  will be lighting up in orange to commemorate “Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month”  .
 America the Beautiful Park is joining the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in the nationwide celebration of  animals. 
“We’re deeply honored by the support of landmarks [...]

Missing dog on the northeast side of springs

elaine | March 16, 2010

 A little Cocker Spaniel named “Jaeger” (pronounced Yaeger) got out and ran away during the night of March 9th from a home on the north east side of town, located at Highway 24 & Constitution.  He was last spotted on Friday March 12th at the Marksheffel bridge on the  Highway 24 side. Jaeger (pronounced Yay-ger) [...]

Sadie brings luck to the NYSE!

elaine | February 18, 2010

The Westminster Kennel Club’s Best in Show dog Sadie kicked off trading this morning when shehelped ring the opening bell at the NYSE.  The little Scottish Terrier might be a good luck charm because stocks ended up closing up.  The Dow added nearly 84 points to 10,393. The S&P added 7 and the Nasdaq surged [...]

Updates from the search and rescue teams in Haiti

elaine | January 20, 2010

Yesterday I posted some pretty cool news about the canine search and rescue crews in Haiti. 
The searches have not all had happy endings however, with the days come fewer survivors and more dissapointments.  “Hunter has searched hard today, last building lots of dead,” Monahan texted yesterday.  “Stepping over bodies, crawling as far as forty feet [...]

Dogs, beer, and Colorado…What could be better?

elaine | December 16, 2009

“Dogs, Beer and Colorado: New Gift Book Showcases All Three”;  That is how the authors describe their new book “BrewDogs” so of course we have to talk about this one on the Colorado Dog Blog.
Colorado has a large number of craft beer breweries. In fact over 100 microbreweries turn out enough beer to make Colorado [...]

Colorado dog wins a million dollars that will help less fortunate!

elaine | November 28, 2009

A little Chihuahua’s million dollar  looks will soon help a lot of  dogs in Colorado.  The adorable pooch from Parker won the “cutest dog competition” from the All American Pet Brands Company.   The prize for winning; one million dollars!  But Instead of keeping the money, his owner decided to give it away.
Dr. Leslie Capin told [...]