Giving the working dogs their due on Labor Day

elaine | September 6, 2010

Labor Day is a time for rest and relaxation for many of us, a time we take a break from a hard day’s work, but it is not just people that work.  Dogs are increasingly joing the workforce, being trained in jobs that can not only make our lives better, but they can also save our [...]

Colorado dog works hard to keep the bed bugs at bay

elaine | April 6, 2010

    A little 30-pound rescued shelter dog named Macaroni is helping Coloradoans sleep tight!  How?  Well, you see, Macaroni has a very special talent.  He can find tiny little bedbugs lurking in places you can’t see. 
     The little blood sucking bugs have been making a huge comeback in recent years “Bedbugs are just going ballistic [...]