Furry vengeance! Woman’s pit bull chases intruder and police k-9 brings him to justice

elaine | July 20, 2010

GGood dog!  This dog chased intruder away.
A couple of  Colorado Springs dogs have taken a bite out of crime.
Police report that a woman heard noises near her back deck Monday night and looked outside to see what was going on. When she moved away from the window, she was startled by a man standing in her [...]

Is there a killer on the loose?

elaine | October 29, 2009

Around this time of year something very strange happens in the mountains near Divide.  People who find themselves in the woods have come back to tell a terrible tale of a small demonic animal that chases them from the woods with red eyes and sharp teeth. The story started in 1949 after a little girl [...]