Case could change the way courts see dog custody issues.

elaine | September 22, 2009

When a couple “splits the sheets”, what happens to the dog?   Well in most cases, the dog is considered property and a decision is made by a judge the same as though the couple were battling over a boat, but a case in New Jersey could change the way courts see dog “custody” issues.

Darling Dexter

This [...]

Service dog denied access to school

elaine | August 26, 2009

Normally service dogs are welcome anywhere, but not at a school near Chicago.  When an autistic boy’s family asked if his service dog “Chewy” could accompany the boy, the answer was “no”! 
  Kaleb Drew’s family says that the Labrador Retriever is trained to deal with the boy’s disabilities keeping Kaleb safe and calm at school.  Officials [...]