Dogs cause divorce!

elaine | October 12, 2009

For any of you that have been accused of loving the dog more than loving your spouse,  or have heard the statement, “It’s me or the dog!”; this Boston Globe article is for you!
DOGS CAUSE divorce,’’ said my friend Eddie, bitterly. He had given in to his daughter and wife’s yearning for a dog – [...]

Case could change the way courts see dog custody issues.

elaine | September 22, 2009

When a couple “splits the sheets”, what happens to the dog?   Well in most cases, the dog is considered property and a decision is made by a judge the same as though the couple were battling over a boat, but a case in New Jersey could change the way courts see dog “custody” issues.

Darling Dexter

This [...]

National Dog Week is here!

elaine | September 21, 2009

Dogs have been waiting for this week with bated breath!    Well probably not, but still this is a week especially for “Fido”.   Starting at midnight on September 22nd it will officially be “National Dog Week”. 
 I tried to research the history of this week and found a couple of conflicting stories.  One story from a Milwaukee newspaper [...]

Woman pays over a half million dollars for a dog!

elaine | September 16, 2009

Often purebred dogs can fetch several thousand dollars, but one woman just recently spent a stagering amount of cash on her new four-legged friend.
The  Chinese woman has reportedly paid nearly $600,000 for a Tibetan Mastiff, making it what many believe to be the world’s most expensive dog.
The 18-month old dog, named “Yangtze River Number Two,” [...]

Pooches in Pink is almost here.

elaine | September 1, 2009

     Time to get out your leash and walking shoes!  On Saturday, September 12th the “Pooches in Pink” dog walk will take place in Garden of the Gods.  All leashed, friendly dogs are welcome, and the best part, there will be lots of door prizes and contests.  The cost is $40 for a dog/human team [...]

Have dog, will travel.

elaine | August 27, 2009

 A Colorado author has a new book that is a must have for those of us who travel with our dogs.  Bridgette Maxwell has written “Fido’s Finest –Southwest Edition. The book includes 365 of the top pet friendly hotels and destination resorts here in Colorado as well as Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. The [...]

Why is Fido furry?

elaine | August 27, 2009

     Here is something that I find very interesting. According to a new report , researchers have just discovered that nearly all the differences in the coat types of purebred dogs result from variations in just three genes and It’s not so much the genes themselves, but how they work together that makes the difference.

Is your dog a real dog?

elaine | August 27, 2009

Is your dog a “dogs dog”, a real pooch that digs, chews and drools? Well if so he might be able to win you a year supply of Alpo and a special place in a new book. Alpo’s “Real Dogs Tell It Like It Is,” contest is searching for real dogs to share their stories [...]