Dancing dog so good it is hard to believe that it is real

elaine | September 1, 2010

I have to admit when I first saw this I questioned whether or not it was legitimate, but when I started checking up I found many Spanish TV shows featured this Golden Retriever named Carrie.
Carrie truly looks like she is having a great time, and yes she dances a lot better than I can!

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Dogs painted like lions, tigers, and panda bears? Oh my!

elaine | June 8, 2010

The latest craze to come out of China involves dog owners painting their pets to look like other animals such as tigers and pandas.
You thought the poodle cut was odd, check these pictures out.
Crowds gathered to witness this odd spectacle at a showcase event which took place in Zhengzhou, eastern China.
Among those on display were [...]

Salida dog makes hospital stays a little easier

elaine | April 5, 2010

Few hospital visitors get the kind of greeting Gabriel does. The five-year-old Golden Retriever, and his owner Gill Engles, visit Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center patients and staff  in Salida each week as part of the Delta Society Pet Partners program.
  “It happens a lot that Gabriel will get such a greeting when [...]

Dog saves boy from cougar

elaine | January 5, 2010

     A Golden Retriever is being called a hero in Canada after attacking a cougar over the weekend.    
     11-year old Austin Forman was in his family’s garden in Vancouver with “Angel”, the family’s 18-month-old pet dog, when he was charged by the wild cat. “Angel” positioned herself between Forman and the cougar,  risking her own [...]

Dog welcomes here soldier home

elaine | November 17, 2009

We have all seen soldiers coming home and their loving family running up to them, but this is the first pet/soldier reunion I have ever seen and I have to say I love this video.  As anyone who knows dogs can tell this dog is BEYOND happy when she spots her owner.  National Guardsman, Lt. Andrew Schmidt [...]

Truman takes over.

elaine | September 22, 2009

One thing about this blog… It is about our dogs!  So I am going to be posting stories about Colorado Dog Blog friends, and our first friend is Truman!  He could be one on the cutest little guys I have ever seen.  Truman owns a former colleague of mine, Jeremy Harlan and his lovely wife [...]