Boulder County has new animal abuse case protocol

elaine | February 18, 2010

This is a story from the Boulder Daily Camera:
Local law-enforcement officers investigating reports of suspected animal abuse should consult with the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office before determining charges, according to the DA’s new protocol.
Suspected incidents involving serious animal injury or neglect, torture, mutilation, repeated patterns of abuse or death should be brought to the [...]

Police say Beagle dies after owner tapes puppy’s mouth shut

elaine | December 14, 2009

The little baby Beagle was just being a puppy, but that could have cost him is life.  Boulder police say a 26-year old man faces an animal cruelty charge after police say a 4-month-old Beagle asphyxiated after having its mouth taped shut for barking and chewing things up.
Kenneth Gookin was arrested Friday following a two [...]