Police officers save injured Dog

elaine | January 22, 2013

Earlier this month, three Los Angeles police officers stopped to help a 2-year-old Pit Bull mix who’d been struck by a car. Officers Jennifer Cohen, Cindy Herrera and Valerie Lancaster drove the dog to a veterinarian, and where the injured dog had emergency surgery on a broken front leg and two fractured ribs.   During the [...]

Dogs blessed during Nepali festival

elaine | November 13, 2012

Policemen apply vermillion powder and perform rituals on a dog during the Tihar festival at a police kennel division in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Dogs are worshipped to acknowledge their role in providing security during the Tihar festival, one of the most important Hindu festivals dedicated to the worship of the Goddess of wealth Laxmi.
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The debate of detection dogs and the 4th Amendement

elaine | November 1, 2012

WASHINGTON(AP) – Can you trust what a dog’s nose knows? Police do, but the Supreme Court on Wednesday considered curbing the use of drug-sniffing dogs in investigations after complaints of illegal searches and insufficient proof of a dog’s reliability.
In court papers, the Justice Department said it does not oppose allowing a federal appeals court in [...]

Dogs trained to bite testicles used against rowdy soccer fans

elaine | June 7, 2012

Soccer fans in Krakow have been warned that the Polish riot police ‘will come down on troublemakers like a bag full of anvils’.
An article in the Krakow Post warns of the harsh measures the police will take if visiting supporters step out of line.
Police claims they will use several techniques including dogs that are trained [...]

Police dog killed by suspect

elaine | December 1, 2010

Officials say a New Jersey police dog was killed when the suspect he was apprehending threw the dog into traffic.
Gloucester Township Police Chief Harry Earle said that the 3-year-old German Shepherd named Schultz, was released by an officer when the suspect in a restaurant robbery was spotted.
Earle says the dog began to make the apprehension when [...]

Police need help finding stolen dog

elaine | October 27, 2010

Police are searching for a stolen car and the dog that was inside of it, and they are asking the public for help.
Aurora Police says the car was stolen on Tuesday night with the dog, named “Billie”, inside.
Police say a woman was seen on surveillance video leaving in the car. They are hoping to locate [...]

Honoring the working dog on labor day.

elaine | September 7, 2009

     Labor Day is a time for rest and relaxation for many of us, a time we take a break from a hard day’s work, but it is not just people that work.  Dogs are increasingly joing the workforce, being trained in jobs that can not only make our lives better, but they can also [...]

Police K-9 gets his man

elaine | August 26, 2009

Move over McGruff, a local CSPD K-9 is really taking a bite out of crime.  When an alleged burglar ran away from officers overnight it took a four legged officer to track him down.  Colorado Springs police say they responded to a call of a burglary in progress Sunday night on McKay Way.  When they got [...]