New CD offers music that will have feet tappin’ and tails waggin’

elaine | April 5, 2011

Dogs love the country and most folks in the country love their dogs so it is no wonder that some musicians in Nashville have put out a CD called  “Dog Country” that is filled with dog songs.
Like many county songs these tunes will have you laughing or crying.  If you are a dog lover; and if [...]

Dogs, beer, and Colorado…What could be better?

elaine | December 16, 2009

“Dogs, Beer and Colorado: New Gift Book Showcases All Three”;  That is how the authors describe their new book “BrewDogs” so of course we have to talk about this one on the Colorado Dog Blog.
Colorado has a large number of craft beer breweries. In fact over 100 microbreweries turn out enough beer to make Colorado [...]