Not the first time sled kennel has been in trouble with the law

elaine | December 29, 2009

The recent confiscation of dogs and consequent arrest of a couple that run a sled dog kennel in Hartsel isn’t the first time the one of the dog owners has been in trouble with animal control officers.
 In an arrest affidavit, Park County Sheriff’s Deputies stated that they have dealt with Sam Walker, owner of Pawsatrack [...]

Dog show photos are in!

elaine | November 10, 2009

Here are a few of the moments caught on tape this weekend at the Pueblo Dog Show!  I don’t have all of them up, but I hope to get them all up this week.
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Don’t leave your dog outside when it is cold!

elaine | October 27, 2009

A serious snow storm is on the way and it is time to make sure a furry family members stay out of the wintry weather.  Every year animal control gets many complaints about people who leave dogs outside in the cold. Although they are equipped with fur coats, dogs and other domestic animals can still [...]