Pit Bull advocates plan large gathering in Colorado Springs

elaine | October 26, 2012

Many people love them and many people fear them, but a local group says that if the folks that fear Pit Bulls got to know the dogs, they would change their mind about the controversial “bully” breeds, so they are having a rally.
Tomorrow is Pit Bull Awareness Day, and Pit Bull owners and other advocates [...]

Family claims puppy was abused at boarding facility

elaine | September 11, 2012

FORT COLLINS – Animal Protection and Control has opened an investigation against a Fort Collins boarding and training facility following a complaint from a Fort Collins family.
Tiffany Brown of Fort Collins said her 13-week-old purebred German shepherd puppy, Baron, suffered blunt force trauma and injuries that resulted in the surgical removal of the dog’s eye [...]

Willow the amazing dog can read?

elaine | October 8, 2009

The Today Show showcased a dog, “Willow”, today with a remarkable skill. Willow can read commands off signs that her owner holds in front of her. She only knows three words right now, “sit up”, “wave”, and, the coolest one, “bang”.¬† She missed a¬†question and then bit at Matt Lauer, but she was still a [...]