Will Vick’s new reality show help his image?

elaine | February 2, 2010




Tonight  “The Michael Vick Project”  will premier on BET.   This latest reality show revolves around the controversial professional football player who pleaded guilty to running an illegal dog fighting ring three years ago.
In this 10-part series, BET producers say “cameras will not only capture the NFL star’s return to football after a two-year prison term [...]

Is Michael Vick really sorry? I’m not convinced….

elaine | September 29, 2009

Michael Vick has made an effort to tell people about how bad dog fighting is, but his most recent attempt didn’t convince me that he has any remorse for the animals.  In fact listening to Vick I am pretty sure his only concern is the damage he did to his football career.
Vick told a sparse crowd [...]