In Baltimore waiting on flight 3336 to denver.

Waiting on the flight to ARRIVE so we can depart to denver. Supposed to leave at 725 BUT they have verbally informed us of a half hour delay.
Ate breakfast at 6am…
Did the hall of Archives to view the Constitution and the Declaration of independence. Tried to get in the Post Office to eat [...]

Sunday, a day at Smithsonian square…

We started by walking by the white house and went onto Smithsonian square, where there are a multitude of museums to peruze.

The Hope diamond was there.

Today (Monday) we go t the archives to view the Constitution.

More Dinner cruise info.

There was an all you can eat buffet (they cleared the food off after a while, then you could not eat any more, hence the ALL YOU CAN EAT…) the food was very good, and the scenery was very nice to.

The dance contest (both Male and female) on the ship was won by a FHS [...]

More museums this morning.

The air and space museum, museum of American history, museum of natural history.

The Air and space museum has a large restaurant to eat at. We might do lunch at the union station. It has Boston Market, Pizza, and, of course, McDonalds.

Confucius say…

Another statue on the campus. Yup, breezy and chilly here too. The statue was given by china in 2008.

Sunny and cold…

Not too warm outside with a little breeze. Nice area but the chill is not condusive to napping in the sun. Whew, it is cold but sunny.

George Mason Masters clinic.

The kids are now off to an hour of masters clinic and an hour of band clinic. This is a very prestigious university and very respected instructors. Now for some outside time. 2 hours to fill so it’s either nap time and or explore time.

Just got out of the Symphony…

We just got out of the Symphony at the Kenedy Center.
Just so you know, there were no picture taking alowed in the Symphony. No VIDEO cameras allowed in the capital building. The pictures I DID take are on Lacy’s camera and we do not have the cable needed to download the pictures [...]

A tour of the capital this morning…

Lacy is smiling even though she is wearing shorts in 32 degree weather with a wind of 10 miles an hour and with 45% humidity…

Dinner on the Patomic river at sunset.

Getting ready for the river cruise on the Patomic river for Supper. Oh, and the weather guys were wrong, it did not snow!


Arlington Cemetery.

Arlington Cemetery changing of the guards.
FMS had the honor of laying a wreath with the gaurds. More Pictures on later tonight.
Lacy needed some inserts in LaRee’s shoes after that walk. We got some at the Pentagon Mall.
Now it is off to the Dinner (supper) cruise on the Patomic. There [...]

Air & Space museum trip number one (lunch)

Lunch at the air space museum was interesting.

Here is the link to my Cell Phone Camera (when it is on) Enjoy…

Here is the link to my Cell Phone Camera (when it is on) Enjoy…

Starting the day out rainy, snow forecast at 1pm to 9pm.

More pictures at

They looked real close…

I was in AW with the size and Art of the monuments.
More Tomorrow.

It seems to follow me…

A woman got stuck in a bathroom stall and couldn’t get out….. So….
I was wondering why there was a line for the bathrooms…

Archives of video that was streamed live…
More later.

Many Memorials today…

Thomas Jefferson, Lincoln, Korean war, Vietnam war… Many memorials…
See the archived video We streamed live at

Touched down in Baltimore at 1:05PM Eastern time..

Everyone was pleased to touch down in Baltimore. Now we get bags, eat…

Deep in thought…… Always thinking!

Lil girl is So intense, she always thinks every thing out….. Pretty much

Starting out with the bus ride…

Every journey begins with a beginning. This trip starts with a bus ride from the Florence High School leaving at 2:30am for Denver… Yup, no nappy time on this leg of the journey.

Weather Radar building on Baculite…

Just want to let you know, when a person is by themselves and they are startled by a Lizard…   ALL, for a fraction of a second, ALL Lizards seem like snakes…
The Little visitor’s name is Bob, perhaps.
I am ok now, but it is just that first fraction of a second that gives me the cardiovascular [...]

Things that manke you think WT#

A church, on my drive to work, has found a beverage that helps populate the seats.

Guess who is driving now?!

Driving and Loving it!

Made it to the races! Figure 8s tonight…

After a stop at Cactus Flowers for nachos and blue margaritas, we made it to the races…
just intime for a midget class to blow his engine and lock up his transmition sliding down the wall to a stop… Ahh, love the smell of burning rubber and burning anti-freeze.

Movies today… Maybe not…

Today was supposed to be a day with my kids and wife at the movies… Well, being on call can change a persons plans very quick, Just ask Harold.

Now We will need to decide if it is off to the races at I-25, or back home. Tonigh is the last night for the [...]

Baseaball been belly belly gooodto me

We all had fun shooting skeet, trap, clay birdies, and targets…

Hundreds of 12 gauge shells and clay (biodegradable) birdies were shot in the making of the memories that this blog post is based on.

Everyone that went out to shoot seemed to have fun shooting, and or watching the competition. A small group target practiced with several other calibers of rifles and guns.
After cleaning the [...]

Enjoying family time! ;)

Sharing stories in Kansas… Nice and Relaxing!


The Lady bugs were out on Cheyenne Mt. today. The only thing that made the day enjoyable…

In the trees, bushes, on rocks too…

More later from the scene…

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