More museums this morning.

The air and space museum, museum of American history, museum of natural history.

The Air and space museum has a large restaurant to eat at. We might do lunch at the union station. It has Boston Market, Pizza, and, of course, McDonalds.

We all had fun shooting skeet, trap, clay birdies, and targets…

Hundreds of 12 gauge shells and clay (biodegradable) birdies were shot in the making of the memories that this blog post is based on.

Everyone that went out to shoot seemed to have fun shooting, and or watching the competition. A small group target practiced with several other calibers of rifles and guns.
After cleaning the [...]

Done and groggy.

The procedure is done and the mellow groggy feeling has become one with me…
Now it’s off to eat! Will It me mexican, Thia, Pizza n beer? One can only dream at this point…

539Pm I can now start to remember thing now the drugs are wearing off!

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